Loser Newbie Plate

Undisputed Belts

Fantasy football loser plate for the noob in your league.  Yes, the guy is crying in the corner, shoulders slumped, pants off, tighty-whities on with his flat Hank Hill butt getting BOOOOO'd.  Entire right side is left blank for you to engrave whatever mean message you can come up with to shame the worst manager in your league.  You should also make him pay for it. 

Easily attaches to our belts to replace any side or end plate. Measures 4"x4".

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Any questions?  Feel feel to email us at: support@undisputedbelts.com


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Undisputed Belts is the leader in fantasy football championship belts and custom title belts. We're the proud sponsor of ESPN New York's Fantasy Football Convention. Our belts are used by: NFL Network Fantasy Live, NFL AM, and various ESPN & Fox radio stations. It was also featured on Rolling Stone.

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