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Being a Fantasy Football manager for years has taught us that Fantasy Players take their games seriously.  There's a sense of pride with one-upping your coworkers and friends.  Even though we compete it also builds community and relationships.  You'll always remember the guy who beat you by .1 point or the guy who wasn't ready for the draft and drafted an injured player with his first pick.  The last couple years we've been searching for a better prize to play for other than a trophy.  One team manager suggested a Championship belt which was recently made famous by Aaron Rodgers and, to a lesser extent, Steve Novak (sorry Steve).  After scouring the internet for belts we only found expensive belts over $400!  The buy-in for the league would be $30 per team just for the belt alone, not even counting the prize pool.  

So we decided to put our manufacturing skills to work and found a way to make these Championship Belts with high quality materials at a lower price.  Guess what? We did it! We're able to produce and sell these Championship Belts to the public for only $129.  That makes it only less than $11.00 per team manager in a 12 man league!  We haven't come across anyone who plays Fantasy Sports who thinks $11 extra for this prize like this is expensive.  With Fantasy Sports you get MONTHS of entertainment. What's 9 bucks?

We started this business to offer other Fantasy Sports fans an affordable and high quality alternative to what's out there in the market and have since expanded into making custom championship belts for all kinds of events.  Custom belts from employee of the month to couch potato belts.  If you can think of it we've probably done it. 

Now a couple years into this business our belts are used by NFL Network Fantasy Live, NFL AM, Local ESPN Radio Hosts, Local Fox Sports radio and many, many, competitive fantasy leagues just like yours.


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