10 Mini 28" Custom Championship Belts

Undisputed Belts


Box of 10 mini custom championship belt plates/straps.  Ships unassembled with 10 straps, 10 sets of plates (10 main plates, and 20 side plates) and screws.  Everything you need for mini custom championship belts.

Add this high margin product to your product line.  We sell these for $59-$79 on our website.  Your cost is only $45 each.

Stainless Steel plates perfect for laser engraving.  We use 30 watt fiber laser for our own customers.

All of the templates on the website are available to you.  We have just about all the major sports covered as well as a couple generic templates.  Please email us for the templates. 

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    If you have any questions you can email us at: support@undisputedbelts.com

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