Police Championship Belt - Custom Text

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*Production time for custom text Championship Belts is currently 4-5 business days.*

Police championship belts to honor our brave first responders!  Customize the banner text to say anything you'd like.  Whether it's for Officer of the Month or Year, retirement, welcoming a new officer, or anything else you can think of!

If you'd like a station badge or city seal on any of the plates, just upload it as the Reference image.  Then fill out the Design Requests box with instructions for our team.   You can also fill out that box with anything else you'd like.

  • 55" Length will fit around anyone's waist or shoulder
  • Main plate is 11" x 9". 
  • Side plates are 4" x 4"
  • End plates are 3.5" x 3.5"
  • Main plates and all side plates made of real metal. No PLASTIC

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    If you have any questions you can email us at: support@UndisputedBelts.com

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