Update 10/4/2012

 Our mass production factory actually started production of the belt, but we had to stop them once we saw they put too much extra belt space around the main buckle.  We have advised them to make a new mold with about half the amount of extra space around the belt.  This should only take another week and then we're good to restart mass production.  Images below:


You can see in this image that there's just too much space around the main buckle/plate.  The final product will have about half the amount of extra belt area around the buckle.



Here's what the final belt will look like except: 1. less belt space around main buckle/plate.  2. Buttons to hold the belt around your waist.


Close up of the side buckles on the white version of the belt (before being screwed on).  Yes, we decided to offer a white version of this belt!


Give us a couple more weeks to make the belts PERFECT!




-Undisputed Belts