Proof, Production and Response Times

Hey Everyone!

August is our busiest time of year with lots of football leagues ordering belts.  Our time to get you proofs, produce your belts, and respond to inquiries will be a little longer than usual. 

Proofs:  If you're working with one of our designers on a custom, be as thorough as possible with your revisions as he might take a day or two to get back to you.   If you're going back and forth telling him one thing at a time it'll take a long time to get your belt done.  

Production:  The stock belts can ship right away ($119-$129 belts).  They're packed up and ready to ship.  Custom and semi-custom belts will take 4-5 business days at this time.  For fully custom it's 4-5 business days AFTER you approve of the design.  So like mentioned above, be as thorough when sending revision requests so that you get put in the production schedule ASAP.  

Response times: email inquires we're still able to respond within a business day. 

Thank you all for your patience.  Everything will be smoother after August!


-Undisputed Belts Team