Father's Day - Championship Belt Gifts

After awhile dads are impossible to buy gifts for.  Well, we have an idea!  Our World's Greatest Dad Championship Belt or, if you want something more personal, let's make him a fully custom championship belt.  Both would be perfect as a father's day gift especially for dads who love sports.
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Custom Championship Belt Examples

We have some finished examples of custom championship belts we've done for customers on the product page, but if you'd like to see more we post more pictures on our Instagram page: @UndisputedBelts

See you there!


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See Mock-Ups of Custom Championship Belts!

On the fence about purchasing a custom championship belt?  You're in luck!  For the month of April we're offering to mock-up proofs of your custom belt before purchasing!  

1) Email us at: with your pictures.  Make sure to label which picture you want for the main plate.

2) Include what you'd like the top and bottom banner to say.

That's it!  We'll edit your pictures and send you a quick proof of what your belt will look like.

Check out some sample custom championship belts below:

When you're ready to purchase simply order here. 


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Gold Plates for Fully Custom Championship Belts

Gold plates for fully custom championship belts are now available!  It offers the same high quality shiny metallic finish that our silver plates offer.  Check out more pictures here:

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Fully Custom Championship Belts

Yes it's here!  We're now taking orders for our fully custom championship belts.  We can engrave just about any images on these belts: portraits, logos, drawings, photoshop etc., we can do it all.  

So far we've done custom belts for: Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, NFL Blitz, FIFA 17, Madden competitions, drag racing, ping pong, beer pong, wrestling, bowling, sales, employee of the month, and even guacamole championship belts!

We're excited to work on whatever you come up with!


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Fully Custom Championship Belts!

We're excited to announce we'll be offering fully custom championship belts beginning November.  All you'll have to do is provide us an image in the shape of our belt plates and we'll engrave it for you!  We can accept just about any image file such as: .psd, .jpg, .psd, .ai, and .eps.  We'll be providing a sample template you can download and work with.

Our fully custom championship title belt will be only $199!  For November we'll have silver plates with your choice of black or white straps.  We'll have the gold plates available starting December.

Please check back end of this month to place your order!


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Fantasy Football Season is Here!

The NFL season is officially underway!  Good luck to all of our customers the journey of winning one of our fantasy football championship belts!

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NFL Season A Week Away!

The NFL (and Fantasy Football) season is just about a week away!  If you haven't found your league fantasy football trophy or championship belt yet, order ASAP to get it in time for the opener!  We have just almost all styles and color combinations of our fantasy football belts made and ready to ship.

Good luck this fantasy football season everyone!

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100% Full Leather Option

We now have 100% full leather fantasy football championship belts available as on option! Simply choose it under the "Belt Color" option.  Also, preseason football is underway so make sure to tune in and scout for your fantasy football team so you can win the championship belt!
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Training Camp Underway

Football is back with NFL training camps underway.  That means it's time to start researching for fantasy football.  It also means we're going to get extra busy as teams start looking for their league prizes and find out about our Fantasy Football Championship Belts.  We thank you for checking us out and giving us a chance to provide your league with a belt.

If you need a belt by end of August, please order soon!

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