Update 12/17/2012

Belts are on their way from the factory!  We expect to have them this Thursday and will ship out the same day.  You will be updated with a tracking number once shipped.  Some of you close to Southern California will receive them Friday and others will receive them the following week!  Again, thank you all for your patience throughout this process. 

-Undisputed Belts

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Update 12/10/2012

The production factory is finishing the gold/silver plating today and tomorrow.  They will assemble the belts Wednesday-Thursday and then send us the first batch of belts for all the customers who ordered belts.  They're going to send the belts by Air to save on time so you guys get these belts before the Fantasy Football Season ends!  We thank all of you for your patience throughout this process.  It was our first time making these belts and next year it will be much smoother with belts already in-stock.  

We'll leave you with some pictures of all the main buckles in boxes before gold/silver plating.  Enjoy!


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Update 11/26/2012

Our production factory said they belts will be done early December and send it to us through air so that we can get them to customers before the Fantasy Football Season ends.  Shipping this method will make us break even or even lose money on each transaction, but we feel it has to be done to build our reputation.  This is our first time making the belt and it took longer than expected to make the belt with the quality and details we wanted.

Again, if you can not wait for the belts we can always give you a full refund.  Just shoot us an email at:

-Undisputed Belts 

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Update 11/2/2012

We are having delays in mass production.  The company we're using are busy making other belts and since we're a new company they pushed our orders back.  We do expect the belts to finish before the end of the Fantasy Football season.  If you have ordered and don't want to wait any longer we can cancel and refund orders. 

In the meantime we have an updated image of the belt with less space around the main buckle.  Below you'll see the white/gold belt that's almost 100% complete, just missing the buttons to snap the belt around your waist.


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Update 10/4/2012

 Our mass production factory actually started production of the belt, but we had to stop them once we saw they put too much extra belt space around the main buckle.  We have advised them to make a new mold with about half the amount of extra space around the belt.  This should only take another week and then we're good to restart mass production.  Images below:


You can see in this image that there's just too much space around the main buckle/plate.  The final product will have about half the amount of extra belt area around the buckle.



Here's what the final belt will look like except: 1. less belt space around main buckle/plate.  2. Buttons to hold the belt around your waist.


Close up of the side buckles on the white version of the belt (before being screwed on).  Yes, we decided to offer a white version of this belt!


Give us a couple more weeks to make the belts PERFECT!




-Undisputed Belts

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Main Buckle Gold Plated 9/24/2012

Just got the main buckle back from the plating company.  Working on the belt part now.  Should be done very shortly!


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Belt Update 9/19/12

We finished the main buckle mold 9/3/2012.  Since then we've been working on the main belt, making it the perfect shape to fit all the buckles.  During this process we decided to make the belt longer, from 48" to 55" to fit more waist sizes.  We have the belt template/mold cut out now and will begin mass production soon!  Anyway, let's just get to the pictures:


Don't worry about the thickness.  The template is just thin fabric.  The actual belts will be 4mm thick (about twice as thick as a regular belt).

Hope you like what you see so far.  Since we're in this stage of production we're at stage 2 pre-order price of $59.00 until the end of this month.  After that the price will be $79.00.




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Belt Updates

Hi All!  

 We have some updates for you.  We're still working hard on the main buckle, but it's more difficult than we anticipated.  We hope to be done with it in a week or two.  

The side buckles and end buckles have been gold plated.  You'll find the images below:


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This business was inspired by Aaron Rodgers.  Thanks for reminding us of our favorite childhood activities: watching and playing Wrestling!  We've all imagined pinning our nemesis in the ring, putting the Championship Belt around our waists and hearing the announcer call you the "UNDISPUTEDDDDD HEAVYWEIGHTTTTT CHAMPIONNN OF THE WORLLLDDDD" as the crowd goes wild.


-Undisputed Belts

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